Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why shop Generous Giant

You might be wondering who exactly benefits when you shop Generous Giant gifts. Let's talk about that!
Jewelry by Jeraly
Generous Giant is a small family owned business which was started in order to satisfy a desire to give more to our favorite causes. We thought if we could open a business that would increase our bottom line, we would then be able to participate in charitable giving at a much higher level than if we did not increase our bottom line.  When it came time to decide what kind of business we wanted to have, we realized that we had more choices than we knew what to do with, but that I in particular had always had a fondness for holiday gift giving, so much so that in my teenage years my sister and I would save all our babysitting money for months and then in December spend the entire sum of it on gifts and fancy wraps to make the gifts beautiful. And so, the Generous Giant: Gifts that Give was born.

Its possible in the era of ebay and amazon to have a well supplied store in which one has never placed a finger on the stock at hand. The items are affordable, but many, if not most of them are made in China and don't have any special unique qualities about them. We decided that though this might be an effective way to do business, this would not be the way for us. We investigated further and just were never quite happy with the quality of the items we could afford to open our store with from mass producers. Plus, as a family, we've always preferred to give our business to small producers and local businesses.  We wondered, could it be possible to partner with small businesses, even cottage sized businesses to stock the virtual shelves of the Generous Giant? A new idea was born and we think its one of the best ideas we've had.

Today, during our first Holiday season Generous Giant's gift store is filled with items that support not just our family, but the families of many talented women and men who create from home.  We promise the quality of your gifts to be top-notch, and we seek to increase our selection nearly weekly!

So who's benefiting when you make a Generous Giant purchase? 

Its the manufacturer, often times a mother with one or more children looking to aid her spouse in supporting their family.  

Its the family of a combat veteran deeply scarred by his experiences serving as a United States Marine.

Its the small privately owned shipping and packing store (also veteran owned) we ship our gifts from.

Its the small, underfunded non-profit organizations we partner with who spend not one single penny of their donations on salaries or administrative costs.

Generous Giant is a business like no other that we've been able to find, but its not because it won't work, its because no-one has thought of it! The Generous Giant is a gift store that gives more. Where else can you support small business, small manufacturing, individual artists, non-profits, HIV orphans, and Wounded Warriors all in one purchase? We challenge you to find it, anywhere else.

So, what is it we do? exactly? We bring together small non-profit organizations and small business to create a dynamic gift giving experience.

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