Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mobile Tuesday, or Giving Tuesday

Mobile Tuesday? Or Giving Tuesday? You make the call:

Depending on who you listen too, today, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is either "Giving Tuesday" or "Mobile Tuesday." (special deals just for those who shop by smart phone.) If you feel the need to participate in a Tuesday after Thanksgiving event, then by all means, we've got you covered, either way! With our super easy to use mobile site you can make gift purchases that support both small artisan manufacturers and non-profit organizations. Visit this link from your mobile phone to access our mobile site. Dare I say, its even simpler to use than our full site?

Generosity in the News:

Want to read about who's giving what, to whom, and why? Check out our post on giving by stars in Country Music. Even if country's not your cup of tea, country artists are making their names synonymous with giving.  We've given you just a peak into the community with our blog post on our Generosity in the News page, linked at the top, or here.

From Gg's Kitchen

We have two fantastic recipes for you to try this Holiday Season. They're kitchen tested and ready to rock your neighbor gifts and party trays. Both recipes feature the fabulous Wise Woman of the East gourmet spice blend from rising star Chef Stephanie Petersen. You may know her as Chef Tess Bakeresse, Be sure to check out her food blog for more fabulous Holiday table and gift ideas.

On Living Generously: 

For tips, tricks, and thoughts on making generosity a lifestyle we give you our Generous Living Page. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about incorporating generosity into your daily life. Use the comments section freely to do so.

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